Jerics Wirehaired  Dachshunds 

Dachshund Kennel and Play Area 

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​There are six runs that house the senior citizens. Crates are used to house younger dogs and show dogs. Puppies and their moms have a separate area to enjoy the privacy of growing up.  

DACHSHUNDS NEED EXERCISE. Our dogs are exercised in groups multiple times a day as the weather permits. Everyone gets their chance to run and sun bathe in one of our 5 outdoor paddocks multiple times a day.  I feel this is important not only for their mental health, but to keep them in good condition physically. Although dachshunds like to be couch potatoes we have to remember that they are hounds. Exercise is very important to keep them from becoming over weight.  

Jeric's Wirehaired Dachshunds Since 1975

​Owner- Lynn Cope