Jerics Wirehaired  Dachshunds 

Standard Wirehaired Dachshunds (Right on photo)

Since I have been breeding and showing standards since 1975 you can guess they are my favorite. My standards have never, well almost never, refused to do what I have ask of them. They are great house pets. I have shown them in Obedience with high scores and enjoyed tracking them.    I have never taken the time to put an AKC tracking title on any of my dogs.  I enjoy watching them use that incredible scenting ability . They have been terrific with my children and now with my grandson and  granddaughter. Their devotion to their owners is unsurpassed.

Minature Wirehaired Dachshunds (Left on Photo)

Minis are required to meet the same standards as the Standard Wirehaired Dachshund.  (See Photo Above) The exception is that they should be 11 pounds or under  at one year of age to meet the AKC standard for Mini Dachshunds.   Some Minis that have Mini parents will be larger.  That certainly don't mean that they won't be good family members.   Although I have bred and shown Minis in the past I do not breed them now.   I will be more than happy to refer anyone that would like to inquire about minis to a breeder if posssible. 

Wirehaired Dachshunds

Both Wirehaired Dachshund Standard and Miniature sizes are the clowns of the Dachshund World. Don't EVER laugh at a wire unless you are prepared to see the "trick" again. In general they are loyal to their people and very smart. Sometimes to the point of your not believing what you just saw happen. THEY think and THEY decide. THEY decide you don't, you may think YOU made the decision but trust me you didn't. The standard states that a Wirehaired dachshund has the same conformation as the other two varieties except for coat. In my opinion coat is a very important part of this variety of Dachshund. It should be hard to the touch and carry a fair amount of beard and leg hair, but not in excess. If the coat is proper you will see no matting and very little shedding. Wires do need grooming. Check out Dachshund Club of America and America Kennel Club sites for more information.