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Both Wirehaired Dachshund Standard and Miniature sizes are the clowns of the Dachshund World. Don't EVER laugh at a wire unless you are prepared to see the "trick" again. In general they are loyal to their people and very smart. Sometimes to the point of your not believing what you just saw happen. THEY think and THEY decide. THEY decide you don't, you may think YOU made the decision but trust me you didn't. The standard states that a Wirehaired dachshund has the same conformation as the other two varieties except for coat. In my opinion coat is a very important part of this variety of Dachshund. It should be hard to the touch and carry a fair amount of beard and leg hair, but not in excess. If the coat is proper you will see no matting and very little shedding. Wires do need grooming. Check out Dachshund Club of America and America Kennel Club sites for more information.

Standard Wirehaired Dachshunds

Since I have been breeding and showing standards since 1975 you can guess they are my favorite. My standards have never, well almost never, refused to do what I have ask of them. They are great house pets. I have shown them in Obedience with high scores and enjoyed tracking them, although I have never taken the time to put an AKC tracking title on any of my dogs. I enjoy watching them use that incredible scenting ability . They have been terrific with my children and now with my grandson and new granddaughter. Their devotion to their owners is unsurpassed.

Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds

I'm new to the minis. I have bred down in size from my standards with the goal of keeping the things I admire in my standards in a miniature size. I do feel that I have made strides in keeping with that goal. Now that said I can say that minis are different in some ways than the standards. To start with they are surely easier to pick up. I do find them to be more active and more in need of my attention. I have a mini as my house dog and she is a joy to live with as well as her standard friend Texas. The size is definitely a plus in a apartment situation. They do however need exercise as they are, as all dachshunds, hunting dogs. Part of my decision to breed minis was that as I am getting older and the standards seem to be getting heavier! I find the minis much easier to manage now that I am reaching senior citizen age. Although minis are fine with older children, I don't feel they are the best choice for younger children. This isn't because of temperament, but because of the danger of smaller children injuring the dog. Standards aren't as easy picked up and dropped.

If I can be any help with any information about either minis or standards or dachshunds in general please feel free to contact me.

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